I try to be positive, mindful, and open-minded. Instead I am sleep deprived and smell of BO and regret.

Tharmim/Spagetti Girl: Tharmim, also known as Spagetti Girl originates from an unknown land and enjoys the discussion of the weird and wonderful. She can also be ridiculously judgemental at times, but that’s ok because she dolls it out to everyone, she doesn’t pick on anyone in particular so she can’t be called a bully.

Matt/Sperm Donator:

24 going on 84. Is a Fannibal therefore an advocate of cannibalism. Loves sniffing on what The Rock is cooking. Matt also has a diaper fetish and is too cool for twitter.

Chris/No Spill:

Chris is a man. He likes to drink, gamble and roughhouse. He can usually be found at his local primark working part time as a mannequin.


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