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Episode 106: What Is A Tulpa?

This week we’ve been discussing the Tulpa and where they come from. Are they urban legends? Are they supernatural entities? Are they what haunt the crazies?

Are they Matt’s only friends?


*There are some issues with the quality of the audio at times during this episode.

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Episode 105: The Double Life Of Thomas Neill Cream

This week we’ll be discussing Thomas Neill Cream who was a gifted doctor in the 1800s. Unfortunately he isn’t famous for his skills in that department, he is infamous for getting quite murdery. In multiple countries.

Oh, he could also have been Jack the Ripper.

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Episode 104: The Bridgend Suicides

Over the last decade more than two dozen suicides have occurred in Bridgend County, Wales. So whats causing all these suicides? Is it a suicide cult? Is the area cursed? Is suicide contagious? Is it all just lies? Wait… is it because they’d listened to this podcast?

My god I hope not.

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Episode 103: The Curious Case Of The Collyer Brothers

On this weeks episode we’ll be discussing the curious case of the Collyer Brothers. After their parents deaths they were crippled with illness, reclusiveness and an insatiable desire for hoarding. The hoarded so much junk that they would eventually become legendary for it.

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Episode 102: Unfortunately It’s All About Steven Tari

Last week we intrigued you with a tale about Tarrare, the man with the never ending gut but this week unfortunately we’ll be discussing Steven Tari. The only way to describe Steven Tari without curse words is cult leader, rapist and old fashioned murderer. Thankfully this episode features castration.

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Episode 101: It’s All About Tarrare Love!

After our topical but depressing last couple of weeks we decided to chat about an incredibly weird French showman. Normally showmen do magic tricks, some play optical illusions, you might even find one that will make a dog out of balloons but that was all beneath Tarrare. He ate stuff. A lot of stuff.

My moneys on a tape worm.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/thedorksdeduction/its-all-about-tarrar-love

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Episode 100: The Fucked Up Chronicles: Part Two

For our special hundredth episode we’ll be… continuing our discussion *cough* rantings *cough* on the messed up happenings of the last couple of months.

And also a little bit of Trumpage. It’s his fault, he keeps giving us material.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/thedorksdeduction/the-fucked-up-chronicles-part-two

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Part one can be found here: https://dorksdeduction.wordpress.com/2017/06/25/episode-99-the-fucked-up-chronicles-part-one-uk-ukelection-conservative-tories-labour-terrorism-londonbridge-boroughmarket-manchester/

Episode 98: Nostalgia: A Netflix Revival

It’s safe to say that we have built up a reputation of doing a mass amount of research, then recording well structured and fact driven episodes. Shockingly this week we failed which is incredibly out of character for us. Instead we found ourselves nostalgic. Again.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thedorksdeduction/nostalgia-a-netflix-revival

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