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Episode 111: The Demise Of Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe, also known as Kit, was a playwright and poet that lived in the Elizabethan era. Born in 1564 Marlowe lived till the ripe old age of… 29. He is said to have been killed accidentally by an acquaintance but there are some doubts about his official cause of death among historians (and us). Was it an assassination ordered by the Privy Council and/or the queen? Was it the result of the actions of a jealous wife? Did he actually die or did he fake his death?

Did Matt do it? It’s as likely as some of the other theories.

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110: The Battle Of The Podcasters!

Last week tempers flared due to some disparaging remarks against Game of Thrones, disparaging remarks that were incorrect. In an effort to try and curb these insultingly wrong feelings towards the show we decided to discuss it further this episode. Until we got distracted and talked about other things and stuff.

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Episode 109: The Confessions Of Thomas Quick

Sture Ragnar Bergwell, more commonly known as Thomas Quick, gained the reputation of being one of the most prolific serial killers to haunt Sweden and its surrounding countries. He became infamous in the early 90s following a string of confessions which led to conviction. There was just one problem, there was no evidence he killed anyone.

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Episode 108: Who Was The Wild Boy Of Aveyron?

The Wild Boy of Aveyron, also known as Victor Of Aveyron, was a feral child that lived in France in the 1700s-1800s. People made the assumption that he’d lived in the wild for most of his life due to his awkward diet and scarring on his body but how and why would a child be left to fend for themselves in the woods? Could he ever recover? Is this tale even true?

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Episode 107: Poor Karla Homolka

In the early 1990s Karla Homolka became the victim of a miscarriage of justice in Canada. She’d somehow been suckered into committing multiple rapes and murders with her husband, Paul Bernardo, and shockingly people expected her to pay for the crimes. She was sentenced to 12 years in prison for her part in the crimes (far too long) but fortunately is able to lead a relatively normal life following her release. Good.

There’s a lot of sarcasm in this description.

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Episode 106: What Is A Tulpa?

This week we’ve been discussing the Tulpa and where they come from. Are they urban legends? Are they supernatural entities? Are they what haunt the crazies?

Are they Matt’s only friends?


*There are some issues with the quality of the audio at times during this episode.

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Episode 105: The Double Life Of Thomas Neill Cream

This week we’ll be discussing Thomas Neill Cream who was a gifted doctor in the 1800s. Unfortunately he isn’t famous for his skills in that department, he is infamous for getting quite murdery. In multiple countries.

Oh, he could also have been Jack the Ripper.

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Episode 104: The Bridgend Suicides

Over the last decade more than two dozen suicides have occurred in Bridgend County, Wales. So whats causing all these suicides? Is it a suicide cult? Is the area cursed? Is suicide contagious? Is it all just lies? Wait… is it because they’d listened to this podcast?

My god I hope not.

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Episode 103: The Curious Case Of The Collyer Brothers

On this weeks episode we’ll be discussing the curious case of the Collyer Brothers. After their parents deaths they were crippled with illness, reclusiveness and an insatiable desire for hoarding. The hoarded so much junk that they would eventually become legendary for it.

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