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Episode 98: Nostalgia: A Netflix Revival

It’s safe to say that we have built up a reputation of doing a mass amount of research, then recording well structured and fact driven episodes. Shockingly this week we failed which is incredibly out of character for us. Instead we found ourselves nostalgic. Again.

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Episode 97: The Great UK Election Debate

In honour of the upcoming election we’ve decided to air our thoughts on the grand old political parties of the UK, Brexit, weapons of mass destruction and much more. The is A LOT of sarcasm in this episode so Labour party, please don’t get angry with us.

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Episode 96: The Dorks Being Dorks

The Dorks Deduction is 2 years old today! To celebrate we’re gifting you with a blooper/outtakes episode containing things that didn’t make it into our previous episodes. I say that but it’s mainly just us completely messing up and Matt verbally abusing animals. Enjoy!

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Episode 95: The Boy In The Box

On February 25th, 1957, a box was found in a dumpsite in Philadelphia. In the box was the was the scarred and bruised body of a young boy. Even though the case captured the attentions of the local police, past and present, 60 years on we are still none the wiser about the identity of the boy. Who was he? What happened to him? Will a name ever be placed on his headstone?

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Episode 94: Does Anastasia Romanov Live?

The Romanov family ruled Russia for centuries but after the loss of millions of lives during the first World War and the country descending into economic chaos the people lost faith in them. The final ruler, Nicholas, abdicated the throne in 1917 and went into hiding with his family but eventually they were said to have been found and killed by firing squad in 1918. Although skeletal remains have since been discovered there are people that contest that Nicholas’ youngest daughter, Anastasia, managed to escape. So what actually happened to Anastasia Romanov?

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Episode 93: The Ancient Ram Inn AKA Ancient Ramen

The Ancient Ram Inn was constructed in 1145 and is said to have housed slaves, masons, priests and many more over the last several centuries but that isn’t what makes this building so notable. The Inn is supposedly one of the most haunted buildings in the UK, possibly even the world. Rumour has it that more than a dozen ghosts walk the halls of the Inn but is it true?

No, it was Matt wearing a white bed sheet.

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Episode 92: The Disappearance of Garnell Moore

The last known sighting of Garnell Moore was in 2002 when he was only seven years old. At the time of his disappearance he was under the care of Belinda Cash, his maternal aunt. What makes this case so perplexing is that he wasn’t reported missing until 2005 by a different aunt, Trina Morton. So what actually happened to him? When did he actually disappear? Why has Belinda not been arrested? Is he perfectly fine right now?

Not even Matt would go back in time and do this.

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Episode 91: The Death Of Max Spiers

Max Spiers was a ufologist and conspiracy theorist from Britain. He was very vocal in the conspiracy theorist community until his untimely death in Poland last year which has birthed a whole new set of conspiracy theories. So what actually happened to Max? Was was he assassinated to keep him from exposing another one of his theories? Did he die of natural causes as the Polish authorities have stated?

Do we figure this one out? No.

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